lørdag den 2. august 2008

It does seam like the morning is the best time for me to discover fairies. This morning I think I saw the fairy, who dropped a dress on my garden pat

It does seam like the morning is the best time for me to discover fairies. This morning I think I saw the fairy, who dropped a dress on my garden path two days ago.

I were just going to get my mail in the mailbox when my eyes caught a glimpse of something moving behind one of the trees in front of our house. I went for my digital camera, and my sketch book. When I returned, I tip toed around the tree as quiet as I could to get a better look of the fairy.

The fairy was doing her laundry in a tiny wooden barrel. It looked like she was singing, but I couldn't hear her voice. I quickly pulled my digital camera out, but the batteries were low, so I had to be fast, and do a sketch. I sat down on a stone, and started to draw. I were so concentrated on my drawing, that I nearly had an heart attack when I saw the little fairy had come very close to me. She was sitting on the edge of my sketchbook. I could see that this fairy had a button on her throat just like the fairy I saw last week. She pushed it, I sensed the sweet smell of parfume, and I could hear her voice. She said " I am not supposed to talk to you, but I like your drawing, so please carry one, and finished it!" I could feel my hands shaking when I grabbed my pencil to finish the drawing; this is the closest I have ever been to a real fairy. I asked her what her name is, and told her that my name is Marianne. I am not sure if I heard right, but her name sounded something like Gry.

She sat there for a few minutes, and then she spread her wings and set of. She grabbed the barrel on her way, but dropped one of the things she had been washing. I pointed at the dress, but she had despaired.

The hole incident only lasted a few minutes, but I felt tiered, and in need of a cup of coffee. When I had my breakfast I went back to see if she had come back for the dress, but the dress was still lying under the tree, so I took a photo of the dress to be able to show it to my daughter, who lives in Copenhagen. I have no idea how the fairies can keep their cloth together, there are no stitches or any kind of glue. As fare as I can see, it must be some kind of magic that holds it together. I left the dress but a little later the wind took it into the sky.

fredag den 1. august 2008

The Fairy Realm Nidlongdir

As I told you in my last blog, I have been sketching in my garden this summer, and my apples have started to turn from green into red. I like to draw in the morning, but Monday morning I nearly choked on my coffee when I discovered two fairies resting in the morning sun in the apple tree.
I graphed my paper and pencil and started to sketch them, I cursed my self for not having my digital camera with in reach। I managed to draw their faces, but then they spread their wings and set of into the next tree।

I followed them, and to my surprise I saw them flying through a portal in the tree. The portal looked like it was made of tree branches, but when I looked closer it appeared to be some sort of metal. I could see some inscriptions, and there was an arms hanging over the portal.

I did this drawing of the Arms, and while I were trying to draw sitting uncomftable in the tree, I saw another kind of fairy coming towards me through the portal.

This fairy had darker hair and her face was covered in feathers, She didn't look very friendly so I nearly dropped my pencil.

She stop right in front of my nose. I could see she was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying, then she pushed a button on her throat. I could smell some kind of perfume, and all of a sudden her words started to make sense.

I am not sure if I should repeat her words, she was very rude! She told me that I was an intruder, and that the King of Nidlongdir would have me silenced for ever if I ever came back. Then she turned away from me and shouted: "I Dhara, Shaman of The Royal Court close this gate with the power of the green spirits".

The fairy vanished in front of my eyes. The portal turned into ordinary tree branches. The only ting left was the sweet smell of perfume.

I did this drawing from memory of the Shaman fairy.

Busy as an bee

I have been studying botanical drawing and painting the last 6 moths at London Art College. It's not that I know very much about scientific botanic, but I had ideas in my head, about fairy art I wanted to create, but I just couldn't get it down on paper, so I decide to take the difficult way, and study botanical illustration.
Right now I am working on my last assignment. Looking back I can see how much I have improved my drawing and painting skills. I have been surprised how much there are to paint, and draw right outside my house, I don't need a vacation to a more exotic place, I just step out side into my garden with my sketchbook, and pencils, and find a nice warm corner where I can sit and draw. There is nothing like the feel of Grass Between Your Toes, and the sound of the summer breeze playing in the trees.
Lately I got my self a new habit, that I call "My every day adventure". I simply pick out a place near by my house, that I never have seen. Some times it's in my own garden. I might climb a tree to see the view from up there, or I find a street I never have seen. One day I went into the local elder home, just to see what it looked like, and I ended up having coffee, and a chat with two nice ladies. Later I invited them to visit me, and now we are friends, and go on small trip once a month.
Some might call me crazy, but I say :
" I used to be sane, but I got better".

How to Catch Fairies on Paper 2

The first thing you will need to do if you want to draw and paint fairies is to find the places where they live. Most people won't be able to see the fairies, even if there was a fairy sitting right in front of them. The problem is that fairies are very good at blending in with their surroundings. There is a misunderstanding among humans that fairies can make them selves invisible, but to my knowledge they don't use any kind of magic to hide for humans, they simply camouflage them selves. Some fairies can change the colour of their skin just like the chameleon.
No matter where in the world you live you can find fairies, even in very hot or cold places. You can find fairies in large cities, as well as in the wild. You won't have to go far; most likely you have fairies living near by you.
The best time of the day to find fairies is early in the morning or by sunset. The Fairies are busy collecting food in the morning, or they may be one their way to a near by fairy market. At sunset the fairies gather to do their faire dance. Fairies works just as hard as humans, they create most of the things them selves, and some fairies even have special skills.
When you are ready to go, gather your pencils, water colour, and paper. I would suggest you make sketches in a small sketch book. Keep you sketches small, and do them fast, in this way you will get as many fairies down on paper as possible.
Decide where you want to track down your first fairies. If possible bring a chair; you might spend a great deal of time on location before you get to see any fairies. If this is the first time you try to catch fairies on paper, you should try to find a place with flowers to sit. It's harder to find the fairies in the city, but try to look in the windows of the flower shops. Fairies are attracted to these kinds of shops because they can collect food there.
If you haven't seen any fairies within an hour, you might want to try my eye squeeze technique. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Now squeeze your eyes, and try to watch a near by flower. By squeezing your eyes you will only see the darkest shadows, and the highlight of the flower. This is the moment you might be able to catch a glimpse of a fairy. You should look for the highlights reflected in the fairies hair, and wings. Now open your eyes, and try to stay focussed on the fairy. If you find this is difficult, practice it a few times before you start to sketch. Soon you will be amazed how many fairies you can catch on paper in you sketch book.
It is very exciting to catch fairies on paper, and I know that some of you might be tempted to try to catch a fairy, to bring home. I have seen nasty examples of people who catch fairies in bottles or glass jars, please don't do that! Fairies can't be kept as pets, do not try to catch them, they are wild creatures, and they wont survive in captivity very long. If you want fairies in your house, you need to attract them just like birds. Buy pots of flowers, and place them in your windows. All kind of flowers will do, but fairies are especially attracted to flowers with a lot of fragrance, and flowers with very bright colours. If you want to make the fairies comfortable you can make a small bed and place it in one of you flower pots. You can make it from all kind of things, and if you want to attract a fairy fast, you can try to drop perfume on the pillow in the bed you make.

About Me

My name is Marianne. I were bone in Denmark in 1962. I have created this blog to tell you how I capture fairies in my drawings and paintings. I am Danish so my English isn't perfect. Please bear with me if I miss spell words or don't put them right. Whether you are going to believe what I am writing in this blog or not I do sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it.
The only person in my family who truly believed in fairies and gnomes was my grandmother. As a child she asked me to bring stew and beer to the gnome living in the stable. She told me that if we didn't bring him food the pigs in the stable would become ill and die. I also remember one time when she got mad because my dad was supposed to help my granddad to cut down some trees behind the farm. They wanted to cut down an old elder tree, and my granddad laughed at my grandmother, because she thought that the elder spirit living inside the tree would get angry if we cut down her home. She told us the story about a farm near by that burned down, after they had cut down an old elder tree near by the main building of the farm.
When I were 17 years old I got to know my husband, and he introduced me to the books by Tolkien. I started to read about the Hobbits. My husband and I decided that we would tell our children fairy tails, and of cause we also taught our children to be kind to fairies, gnomes and other nature spirits.
When my son started in school he had a hard time learning to read, and it was with a grat deal of thanks to Harry Potter he actually sat down and began to read for him self. I bought the first book, and read it to him, but when the second book was published he just couldn't wait for me to read to him, so he began to read the book him self.
My daughter went through a period in her teen years where she got interested in pagan believes, and she began to read books on the old Viking mythology and the English Wicca believes. To day she is a strong believer in fairies and gnomes.
Now I live in Silkeborg, and during the summertime we go to our summer cottage on Als in the south of Denmark.