fredag den 1. august 2008

The Fairy Realm Nidlongdir

As I told you in my last blog, I have been sketching in my garden this summer, and my apples have started to turn from green into red. I like to draw in the morning, but Monday morning I nearly choked on my coffee when I discovered two fairies resting in the morning sun in the apple tree.
I graphed my paper and pencil and started to sketch them, I cursed my self for not having my digital camera with in reach। I managed to draw their faces, but then they spread their wings and set of into the next tree।

I followed them, and to my surprise I saw them flying through a portal in the tree. The portal looked like it was made of tree branches, but when I looked closer it appeared to be some sort of metal. I could see some inscriptions, and there was an arms hanging over the portal.

I did this drawing of the Arms, and while I were trying to draw sitting uncomftable in the tree, I saw another kind of fairy coming towards me through the portal.

This fairy had darker hair and her face was covered in feathers, She didn't look very friendly so I nearly dropped my pencil.

She stop right in front of my nose. I could see she was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying, then she pushed a button on her throat. I could smell some kind of perfume, and all of a sudden her words started to make sense.

I am not sure if I should repeat her words, she was very rude! She told me that I was an intruder, and that the King of Nidlongdir would have me silenced for ever if I ever came back. Then she turned away from me and shouted: "I Dhara, Shaman of The Royal Court close this gate with the power of the green spirits".

The fairy vanished in front of my eyes. The portal turned into ordinary tree branches. The only ting left was the sweet smell of perfume.

I did this drawing from memory of the Shaman fairy.

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Shelley sagde ...

Lovely just lovely!!! You make me believe!
Hugs Shelley